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Marissa Cooper

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Name:Marissa Cooper

MARISSA COOPER ◈ plays at [community profile] bakerstreet
Marissa Cooper is one of many of Orange County's privileged princesses; she loves to shop and be pampered, she parties hard and knows how to socialize, and her go-to relaxing activity includes sitting by the beach, getting blonder by the minute under the blazing sun - all while soaking up the image of the perfect California Girl. Despite appearing as the ideal online dating profile, Marissa is more than meets the eye; she has a history of substance abuse, especially with alcohol, and the increasing drama within her family has only piqued her rebellious streak. Her father was busted for stealing money from his clients, her mother is neglectful and vain and divorced him when he lost his money, further tearing her family apart, and her first love proved his unfaithfulness amidst the chaos. Marissa is a lonely girl with a cooped up anger that has a taste for punk music, and she lives with a flimsy happiness that's served as her worst enemy.

She is played straight from season 1, but season 2 may be dabbled into from time to time. Always seeking castmates and PSL partners!

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